Out of ideas? Fortunately you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

At X Meeting Point we’ve hosted countless activities – with and without partners. Here are some examples which our customers have appreciated, and which we know our facilities are perfectly suited for.

Feel free to chat with us about how to raise the value of your event – by choosing activities not only because they are fun or spectacular, but because they are the right activities for your event.

Activity Trail

Fun together! Team building, competition and lots of laughs. Choose from 20 activities what fits you and your group.


Come along for an exciting investigation, where contesters need to apply all their wit to break the codes.

«Cocktail Bootcamp»

Cocktails are always delicious! Enter a boot camp, taking you through tips and tricks, exiting fun facts – and all you need to become the MVP at your next party.

Soapbox Race

A creative and fast paced activity for all. Engaging and fun!