We collect and use your personal data for various purposes depending on who you are and how we make contact with you. In order to market our services/products and provide information about our business, we collect and store personal data for newsletters, Google AdWords and advertising on social media, etc. The processing of your personal data for marketing purposes takes places on the basis of an agreement with you, a legitimate interest that we have or because we have obtained your consent.

We use personal data in order to offer you, for example, the following services, depending on your agreement with us and what you have consented to. If you have questions related to the content here or our processing of personal information in general, you can send an email to


These are used for marketing our services/products and providing information about our business. All newsletters which are sent out contain an unsubscribe link. For this purpose we use e-mail addresses and names, and sometimes we will also know your interests and your location.

You may, at any time opt out and we will then stop sending you newsletters and other communications.

Social media

We will be able to use Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media for marketing our services/products. Generally speaking we will not use your personal data for such purposes, but if we do so, we will only be able to share names, e-mail addresses and in some cases mobile phone numbers with such parties.

We will be using retargeting script from Facebook/Instagram to target people visiting our website. Further information about personal data can be found on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Please remember that you yourself can directly manage your relationship and how these parties process your personal data.

Google AdWords

We use this service for marketing our services/products on Google’s advertising network. The information capsule (cookie) on our website provides us with an insight into how visitors use our website, through Google AdWords advertisements. This information is used for optimising and to enable us to offer you more relevant advertisements in the future.

Our website

This is used for providing information about our services/products and business. General information about visitors is registered on our website. In particular the following are registered: the IP address of their computer, their username, the date of their visit and data from their browser. See our cookie statement here.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track how visitors use our website, and to gauge the effectiveness of our digital advertisements on Google AdWords or other digital media.

Please read Google’s Privacy Guidelines or other information, as well as specific information about Google Analytics.


This may be used if you have accepted the use of such cookies in your browser. This type of advertising enables specific advertisements to be shown to visitors who have left cookies on our website.  See our cookie statement here.

Other marketing services may be used. If so, we will provide you with information about this and obtain your consent before we use personal data which we have already recorded about you.

What personal data do we process about you for marketing purposes?

We only process personal data which is necessary in order to offer you the above services, and we will obtain your consent when we have no other basis for using your data. We handle your personal data carefully, and we will choose our partners with great care and expect them to also provide good, safe personal protection. You are entitled to know who receives your personal data and the type of data received.

How long do we store your personal data?

We will remove your personal data from our systems if:

WEBSITE USER The retention period at user level and at event levels associated with cookies, user IDs and advertising IDs are stored in X Meeting Points Google Analytics for 26 months before they are automatically deleted. A customer can anytime unsubscribe from the newsletter. All personal data will be deleted after unsubscribing.

CUSTOMER: If we have not had any meaningful contact with you during a period of 5 years, we will delete your data, unless the law or relevant regulators require us to retain it for a longer period of time.

Your rights under data protection legislation

Data protection legislation provides you with certain rights when it comes to the processing of your information. These are the right to:

  • be informed about how we collect and process your personal information, including who we are, how we use your personal information and your rights in relation to your personal information.
  • access your information
  • correct your information if your personal information is inaccurate or incomplete, you are entitled to have that information corrected and updated.
  • delete your information

Processing basis

The legal basis for processing personal data in respect of the above services is provided either through an agreement with you, a legitimate interest we have or because we have obtained your consent. If this service is to be used by children under the age of 13 years, the consent of their parent/guardian is required.

If you have enquiries or complaints regarding this privacy policy or the handling of your Personal Information, please contact